What is a Progressive Web Application? Progressive web apps can be seen as the bridge between mobile apps and websites. Progressive web apps offer the functionality similar to native apps on the web. The technology behind the Progressive web app ( PWA) allows a website to mimic the features of a traditional mobile app with the use of modern web capabilities. One of the key benefits of having a Progressive Web App for your small business is that it reduces the steps that a user needs to take to engage with your app. Unlike with native applications, users can launch your app instantly without downloading from an app store.



Due to the underlying technology performance factors, Progressive Web Apps are indexed by Google us users can find them when searching the web and you no longer need to build multiple apps for your business that will work on all devices.Here’s a quick list of all the major benefits of having a Progressive Web Application for business in 2018.



Progressive Web Apps speeds up the process of your application being indexed. By integrating a PWA for your business marketing Strategy you’ll be indexed in Google far more quickly than that as of a traditional website.Progressive Web Applications even allow you to bolster your marketing strategy by implementing push notifications that will instantly notify your users on important information such as updated closing times, flash sales or any notable announcements that are relevant to your business.


1. Increase Engagement: With Progressive Web Apps you can have features built such as customer loyalty programs, mobile ordering, and appointment setting. You can easily incorporate your Progressive Web Application in marketing campaigns, Facebook Ads, or any digital or printed media. Your users can instantly engage with your content through the use of QR codes, web links, ads or through messaging without downloading. Which then, allows your customers to install business’s app on their home screen without the hassle of an app store download.


  2. Enhanced Technology: These apps allow users to launch your small business mobile app quickly on low-quality networks and is always up-to-date. The progressive web application technology is much faster than traditional websites.


3. More User-Friendly: With Progressive, Web Applications users are not routed to the app store and can simply download the app and save it to their home screen without going through the process of downloading from Google Play or the App Store. Apps built with Progressive Web technology can use offline and are universal. Which means that your company’s app will work on all devices and you will not have to maintain multiple apps.



 4. Fresh Content: Keep your customers and audience updated with the latest content. Due to the underlying progressive web application technology, your business application is always up to date thanks to the process that happens behind the scenes. 



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