Google My Business (GMB) increases your business chances of getting a wider audience and enabling your business show up in Google local packs, Google Maps, Organic rankings and Local finder. So, claiming and verifying your Google My Business listing is very important. It is a crucial step in setting up your local search strategy for your local small business.

Google My Business is a free business listing which includes basic information such as business name, phone number, address, payment type accepted and business hours. GMB is opened to local businesses. Optimizing your Google My Business listing exceeds just claiming your GMB and tossing the process aside as most business mistakenly do. 

We’re going to uncover a few easy tips for maintaining and optimizing your GMB listing for lead generation. Which includes the following. Let’s dive into how to optimize and utilize features for lead generation.


Complete your Google Listing and frequently
check it for accuracy:

To complete your GMB profile, you are required to answer various questions. Filling in this information gives your listing valuable data which eases the process of finding your business for potential customers. Keep in mind that any information that is not filled out on your Google listing, someone else could update your listing. If you choose not to fill out all the information that is required for your Google listing, others can complete the information for you using the suggest option if you don’t do it yourself, this can be employed by anyone including your competitors to change your business listing. 


Start using your Google Listing post feature:

On Google Maps and knowledge panel of your GMB listing, Google Posts appears which are similar to “mini-ads.” Google Posts can be customized by attaching an image, link to another website or internet page or even a Call to Action (CTA). You can control the content of your post using this feature which corresponds to a blog post, advertisement or announcement. A length of 300 words is allowed. This feature affords you the option to create posts promoting your sale, special events, and offers.



Book more appointments from local search with your Google My Business Booking Feature:

Businesses that carry out transactions with their customers based on making appointments or use integrated scheduling software can now book appointments directly from GMB listings. This booking button feature helps your business excel.




Get started with Google My Business Messaging:

Potential customers can send text messages to you with this feature. The messaging feature connects your business with customers.
To avoid receiving text messages, you can set up a Google Allo account with the app, and use the number of your business listing. This way, you get notified of the app instead of receiving a text.




Q&A Feature:

This is a fairly new feature. Visitors have been given an opportunity to ask you about your company even before visiting the website. The Q&A section can easily be accessed from any device, enabling them to submit questions or voice concerns about the business.The feature also allows the marking up of useful answers to the relevant question by visitors which can also improve your business listing.




Online Reviews:

This feature can be found in search under ‘your business’ knowledge panel’ and in Google Maps besides ‘your listings.’ The section impact consumer trust and rankings of search results. There are guidelines laid down by Google on using this feature which must be strictly followed. It is advisable that you respond to any review given, either good or bad as it indicates that you care and appreciate the feedback from customers. Online reviews are known to impact search result rankings and click-through-rates.

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