Having an app opens up a direct marketing channel to your customers that’s available 24/7. Start cultivating a loyal customer base and build visibility and awareness for your business with a mobile app for your business.Here are a few easy ways to mobilize your salon or spa business and get the most out of your app.

Salon Mobile App: Appointment Setting & Reservations

Reservations and appointment setting functionality can be used for various types of businesses including restaurants, professional services and more. To get the most out of your salon’s mobile app, make sure that your booking system allows customers to reserve time slots for various services. Implementing an appointment setting feature on your app, allows you to spend less time on the taking calls or dealing with the never-ending email thread piling up in your inbox.

  • Implement an optional up-front commitment fee for the appointment
  • Receive notifications via email when appointments are scheduled
  • Provide users with easy appointment management
  • Book more clients and increase repeat appointments

Salon Hairstyle Galleries:

Add a style gallery to your salon mobile app and show off your work, latest hair trends, and styles that your clients are looking for. Having a custom mobile app with a style library helps streamline the consulting process with your clients by offering style in your app. In the style library, you will want to add various styles, haircuts, and examples to the app.This helps improves the communication about styles, and hopefully get clear feedback and guidance on providing clients with the results that they’re looking for.

Are you an entrepreneur interested in creating a mobile marketing strategy for your business? Simply tell us what you’re trying to achieve by requesting a quote. Let’s create something you’re customers are going to love!